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Get insights
for any
Visibility into consumer foot-traffic
to help grow your business

Succeed in the retail economy

Competitive Benchmarking

Compare your business performance with any local or distant competitor

Store Intelligence

Gain insight into +1M venues and places across the United Sates

Industry Trends

Analyze foot-traffic and customer behavior in any retail industry

Key Insights


Identify how many visitors by hour, by day, by month


Know where customers come from and where they go after visiting


Analyze customer profiles: Income, gender, ethnicity, favorite places

Trade Area

Discover the geographic area generating the majority of customers


Track the churn rate of loyal customers and where they are going

Special Events

Understand how popular events and holidays impact your business and competition

Placer provides instant access to location insights derived from the foot-traffic of millions of consumers, delivering visibility into offline behavior.

How it works

01 Collect

Placer's technology is deployed in thousands of mobile applications and millions of devices.

02 Aggregate

The data is aggregated and anonymized, scrubbed of any personal information to protect user privacy.

03 Present

Highly accurate profiles and footfall analytics are then presented back to you in a way that provides actionable insights into who your customers are

Data Access


Instant and affordable access. No integration required.


Build innovative products with Placer’s data


Integrate Placer’s SDK to power analytics with 1st party data

Background location data is a game changer! Transforms how retailers plan, execute, and grow their business